A amazing Passover 2020 program !


Ever dream of a Chol HaMoed minus traffic, hassle…and kvetching?
This Pesach, get ready to enjoy an endless stream of fabulous shows for all ages—by staying put.

My Tours Glatt Pessah 2020 has prepared an unforgettable lineup, bringing you the best and brightest of the Jewish entertainment world today.

Leisure and activities

Spectacular evenings, Cantorial shows, Folklore evening with local music and dance and much more… with Hassidic and Oriental music.

Discovery excursion : Losinj…and surprises to you.

David Hababou

David HABABOU was born on April 26, 1996 in PARIS. He was interested in music from a young age.
He became known with the song “Adon Olam” which he sings with his two little brothers Dov and Chmouel, taken from a famous song by KENDJI GIRAC (“she loved me”). In less than a year David had the chance to release 3 singles which he recorded with his two little brothers under the name of HABABOU BROTHERS: the first “Adon Olam”, the second “Boï Kala” and the third “ Kol Sassone ”.
Now everyone knows his songs and you can listen to them on the community radios of PARIS and MARSEILLE where he has been invited several times. He also performed the first part of the Gad ELBAZ Concert in PARIS on June 24, 2015 at the Paris casino.

Moshe Klein

Singer Moshe Klein is releasing his debut single called Davar Na’eh Umiskabel. Klein began his musical path while he was just a boy, his vocal quality and energy turned him into one of the top and most requested singers. The song was composed by Eli Klein, and arranged and produced by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry.

Mendy Jerufi

Mandy breaks into the singing world with a single – « Land of Always, » which is released on radio networks and quickly becomes a huge hit. Not long before Mandy releases his debut record, with Gal Paz taking him under her wing. The « Land of Always » record received with open arms soon put him on the front row of the Hasidic singer. Mandy is invited to attend as guest singer with friends from the field and record original songs with the big names in music.

His latest record « Mercadine » is also winning and breaking new records in Hasidic music, his songs are climbing the parades, and the demand for his achievement is increasing. On the last disc, Mandy joins processors Moshe and Eli Laufer, Yuval Stoppel, and launches fine authentic Hasidic music. No joy is complete without the song ‘Mercadine’.

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