Kosher Certification

A kosher holiday is not only the strict kashrut, but the respect given to all the needs of the religious guest.
The kashrut of « My Tours Glatt Pessah 2020 » is Le’Mehadrin Kosher and all the food products are of Kashrut Le’Mehadrin. The kitchen is under the supervision of Rabbi Nehemia Rottenberg.

Any question can be directed to the Rav Nehemia Rottenberg +972 584038543

Executive chef Ronen Dovrat Bloch

Ronen Dovrat, 37, was born and raised in the town of Netivot, in the Negev. He studied in a yeshiva.
After completing his military service he developed an interest in cooking and took a course in Paris. He then opened the Bouquet Garni restaurant in Ramat Raziel near Jerusalem.
In 2004, Dovrat-Bloch moved to Eilat and opened two restaurants, Jolson and Lawrenc, owned by the Herod’s hotel.

The food style of chef Ronen Dovrat Block and is described as a Mediterranean French fusion.

Chef Pastry - Simon Ben Gal

Specialization in modern and classic patisserie. Simone Ben Gan has rich experience in Israel and around the world, and teaches and teaches confectionery and special baking techniques from the French pitsri world.
An expert in showcases, chocolates, carpets, breads, we will teach how to bring the color to desserts we all love, deliver individual and group workshops, professional workshops for those interested in entering the wonderful world of confectionery.

Today, professional and private workshops run across the country.

Just give us a call or send us a message below and we’ll be in touch soon.