Admor Rabbi David Pinto Shlita & Rav Bdil Avraham

Chiourims and conferences will be provided by Admor Rabbi David Pinto Shlita and Rav Bdil Avraham.

Hazan Rav Naftali Wertheim

For the daily Offices in the synagogue of the hotel our Hazan and Paytan will be happy to officiate for the pleasure of all, throughout your stay.

Mashgiah Rav Nehemia Rottenberg

A kosher holiday is not only the strict kashrut, but the respect given to all the needs of the religious guest.
The kashrut of « My Tours Glatt Pessah 2020 » is Le’Mehadrin Kosher and all the food products are of Kashrut Le’Mehadrin. The kitchen is under the supervision of Rabbi Nehemia Rottenberg.

Any question can be directed to the Mashgiah: Nehemia Rottenberg 050-1234567.

Just give us a call or send us a message below and we’ll be in touch soon.